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No monthly payments, own your auction for life Now

Auction Software + Website. Everything in one package, out of the box solution. Buy the Software with only one time cost, install choose your web template or order a custom template, and start your auction in as little as 1 day. No monthly fees, no hidden fees.

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You can Choose.. There are multiple free themes which come with the software, just choose the one you like and your website is up and running, if you need installation support we can help.

How It Works?

This All-in-One solution works very easy. Buy a license, which comes with web templates. Install the script on your host and you are done. You are running your own Auction without having to pay monthly fees or per listing fees. Be your own Boss.

Our clients about Us

  • Alex Stackhouse

    by Some Name | 15-07-2013

    I have researched about 20 auction services online, before I chose Auction Industry Script. Their team made my auction website up and running in less than 24 hours. Any time I need a problem I open a ticket and my issue is solved very fast. Nice team, very nice auction Software

  • John Smith

    by Some Name | 05-08-2013

    Thank You Auctions Industry. I had a bad experience before with web design and auction software. I was paying a monthly service of $99.99/ month to run an auction before I found you. I enjoy my new auction website and my business has $100.00/month less expense. I could not believe that for the entire auction site I have to pay just $300.00 flat fee, no monthly service charges

  • Piter Petrelli

    by Some Name | 02-05-2013

    Thank You to Andrew, he is a very nice person. He convince me to switch the service I was using for 4 years paying monthly fee to their service. The Auction website I have now from Auction Industry is a lot better than the one I had before and I really like the customer support I get any time I have a question. Something else, anytime I need something custom I get a dirt cheap quote. So I have now my own custom auction site the way I need, with all the new custom made implementations.